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  1. It requires daily brushing with wide tooth comb or paddle brush for free flowing tresses.
  2. It can tangle from dust and too much sweat, so gently wash and condition once a week
  3. Free flowing , bouncy , plenty body , carefree , sexy , soft , and feminine.
  4. You Should curl it for more bounce , body and drama.
  5. Waves can straighten out temporarily during wash but will snap back when dry.


  1. It looks bouncy , springy , plenty body , sexy , soft and feminine.
  2. Do not use treatments for straight textures on the hair.
  3. Brush hair from tips to weft.
  4. You can use flex or classic rollers to set hair.
  5. Apply serum and leave-in conditioner to the hair once a week to feed and nourish its health and sheen.
  6. Use wide tooth comb or big pin paddle brush for wavy hair.



  1. Less prone to tangle except for longer lenghts.
  2. Requires low maintenance.
  3. Silky , long lasting and smooth to touch.


  1. Use wide , fine and boar bristle brushes and combs for stright hair.
  2. Do not use treatments for curly textures on the hair.
  3. It does not retain curls well.
  4. Wear longer lenghts in braids before sleeping or exercise.
  5. Brush hair from tips to weft.
  6. Apply heat protective serum to hair before blow drying or flat ironing . Do not blow-dry too often because it can damage the cuticle.
  7. Apply serum once a week to maintain the sheen of the hair.



  1. More prone to tangle , frizz , swell and dryness. It can become rough easily.
  2. Requires high maintenance.
  3. it comes in soft to coarse feel.
  4. Some types of curls may drop depending on how you care for it. It can temporary become wavy or straight during wash. You should curl it back with plastic rollers or curling wand.


  1. Be careful to use fingers , wide tooth comb to fat pin paddle brush according to the size of the curl. Use Afro comb fat pin paddle brush for kinky textures.
  2. Do not use treatments for straight textures on the hair.
  3. Always sleep with a satin cap to reduce breakage and dryness.
  4. It is best to air dry curly textures or simply use gentle heat.

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